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Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way

Most people are by and large aware of the fact that they should prepare a will in their lifetime. People also tend to change their will if they already have one drafted, if their situation requires them to. While preparing a will is seen as a pessimistic act, it is very important for you to draft one. As this is the only way, you will have a guaranteed distribution of your belongings and assets, as per your intentions.

In the absence of a will, your assets will be distributed in a predetermined way, one which may not align with the intentions of the deceased.

It is not uncommon for people to challenge a will, in the hope that it will be disqualified for court use and that the assets will fall as per the hierarchy which is predetermined. Although, with a properly drafted will, chances of it being challenged are almost close to none. Even if it is challenged, it is of no use and the will usually stand valid.

A good law firm can help you provide lawyers that specialise in Wills Probates. These lawyers have a sound knowledge of how Wills work in court and how to draft them. They do so in a way that the will is almost unchallenged and it also fulfils your requirements.

Wills Probate

Wills Probate

What exactly is a Wills Probate? It is the process that validates a Will as approved by the Court to be the full and final Will of the deceased. The second important part of a probate is granting the executor title to the person named in the Will of the deceased. The executor is then responsible for the assets of the deceased and has to act accordingly to pay any debts that he had left, any other expenses, and afterwards distributing the rest of the assets as per the instructions in the Will.

Any good lawyer who specialises in Wills Probates will have a proper understanding of the laws that are applicable when applying for a probate. They are also sensitive towards the client’s situation and respect their expectations.

In case someone dies without leaving a will behind for the distribution of assets, experienced lawyers can also help you in that situation. In such circumstances, a Letter of Administration is required from Court. In this case, the distribution of assets follows a natural plan which enlists Spouse (if alive), Next of Kin and the Government, prioritising spouse first and the government as last.

If you are looking for a lawyer that can help you draft the perfect Will that abides by the rules and laws, help you get a grant of Probate at the earliest possible or help you out in any other matter related to the deceased’s assets, Platinum Lawyers is the way to go. We are a top firm in Sydney and have expert lawyers to deal with your case. Call us at (02) 8084 2764

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    I have found Platinum Lawyers to be friendly, helpful, and effective in a number of different fields of law they have assisted me with. I make no hesitation in recommending them!

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    Corey C

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Platinum Lawyers for any future litigation matters. I found them to be very professional and their response and communication was always timely and efficient. Although the matter was unpleasant, the result and my experience was favourable. Regards

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    “Very competent and professional”.

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    BN 2009

    We feel Platinum Lawyers as a whole and as individuals have a great feel for the ‘customer’ and go out of the way to help.. excellent!”

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    SS 2011

    “I think that your firm has provided excellent service regarding settlement of my wife’s estate and my recent sale of a property and arranging the discharge of my mortgage. Your the best!”


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