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Parenting Arrangements After Separation

A divorce or separation is a stressful time as is, but when there are children involved, an extra level of stress is added over. Questions like “What will happen to the children?” and “How will they be affected by the separation?” arise. The answers to these questions lie in the different kinds of parenting arrangements to choose from and the one you opt for.

Parenting Arrangement After Seperation

The decision you make depends on whether both parties involved are on amicable terms or not. Hiring an experienced family lawyer can help you make this decision and draw out the parenting arrangements, too.

Platinum Lawyers Sydney has some of the best family lawyers who are not only qualified but also understanding and reliable when it comes to dealing with your legal problems. We have expert legal consultants who not only understand every nook and hidden clause of legislation, but are also empathetic enough to understand your troubles during the difficult time of separation.

To help you understand some of the basic parenting arrangements, our expert Family Lawyers in Sydney have put together some important notes for you. Please note that you would need support and legal help of a Family Lawyer, so don’t take this information as the bible and visit Platinum Lawyers for more tailored solutions to your problems.

The parenting arrangements, you can opt for, fall in the following categories:

Informal Arrangements

An informal arrangement is when parties who are on amicable terms come to a verbal agreement on how the child will be parented. This agreement is not legally binding, has no written form and is not reviewed over by lawyers.

With such unenforceable arrangements, there is no guarantee that the arrangement will hold in the future when the relationship between the parties can change. It is thus recommended to have a skilled lawyer oversee the arrangement and come up with a more durable and reliable arrangement.

Parenting Plan

A parenting plan is similar to the informal arrangement in that it is also an amicable arrangement between both parties. However, unlike informal arrangements, parenting plans are written contracts drawn up and mutually agreed upon by both parties. You’re not required to go to the court to make a parenting plan and there are no such guidelines on how the plan should be drawn.

Consent Orders

Consent orders also involve the agreement of both the parties and are written documents too. They are different from parenting plans, however, in that they require the court to approve the orders. The court will first check if the orders are in the best interest of the child and will then make them legally binding.

The advantage for consent orders is that since they are legally binding, a breach of contract will have legal ramifications.

Parenting Orders

Parenting orders are made by the court in a situation, where both parties cannot come to an agreement. In this case, the court will make all the decisions and come up with a legally enforceable parenting order that is in the best interest of the child.  This will help ensure the safety and healthy growth of the child.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Why Platinum Lawyers is Highly Recommended

  1. Why is it crucial to seek legal assistance during a divorce or separation involving children?
  • A: Seeking legal help is vital as it ensures informed decisions are made regarding parenting arrangements, considering the well-being of the children and the legal implications involved.
  1. What role do family lawyers at Platinum Lawyers Sydney play in helping individuals during a divorce or separation?
  • A: Our family lawyers provide not only legal expertise but also understanding and reliability, guiding you through the complexities of family law and offering tailored solutions to your specific situation.
  1. What are the main categories of parenting arrangements individuals can opt for during divorce or separation?
  • A: The main categories include Informal Arrangements, Parenting Plans, Consent Orders, and Parenting Orders, each with its unique features and legal implications.
  1. What is an Informal Arrangement, and why is it recommended to have legal oversight?
  • A: Informal Arrangements involve verbal agreements between amicable parties. Legal oversight is recommended to ensure durability, reliability, and to address future changes in the relationship dynamics.
  1. How does a Parenting Plan differ from an Informal Arrangement, and why consider it?
  • A: A Parenting Plan is a written contract mutually agreed upon by both parties, offering a structured alternative to informal arrangements. It provides clarity and may offer more security for the future.
  1. What are Consent Orders, and how do they differ from Parenting Plans?
  • A: Consent Orders are legally binding written documents requiring court approval. Unlike Parenting Plans, they undergo court scrutiny, ensuring they are in the child’s best interest with legal ramifications for breaches.
  1. When is it advisable to opt for Parenting Orders, and how are they enforced?
  • A: Parenting Orders are court-made decisions in situations where parties cannot reach an agreement. They are legally enforceable, ensuring the safety and well-being of the child.
  1. What advantages do Consent Orders offer in terms of legal ramifications for breaches?
  • A: Consent Orders, being legally binding, carry legal consequences for breaches, providing added protection and enforceability.
  1. How can Platinum Family Lawyers at Sydney assist individuals in setting up a parenting arrangement?
  • A: Platinum Family Lawyers offer expert legal advice and support, guiding individuals through the process of setting up parenting arrangements. Contact us at (02) 8084 2764 for personalized solutions.
  1. Is the information provided a comprehensive guide, or is it recommended to consult with a family lawyer?
  • A: While this information offers insights, it is advisable to consult with a family lawyer for a comprehensive understanding and tailored solutions to specific situations.
  1. How do parenting arrangements contribute to the safety and healthy growth of the child?
  • A: Properly structured parenting arrangements, whether informal or court-ordered, contribute to the child’s safety and healthy growth by providing a stable and supportive environment.
  1. Why is Platinum Lawyers Sydney a reliable choice for legal assistance during divorce or separation with children?
  • A: Platinum Lawyers Sydney offers not only qualified and experienced family lawyers but also empathetic consultants who understand the challenges of separation, providing reliable and understanding legal support.

If you need help or legal advice over setting up a parenting arrangement, call Platinum Family Lawyers for better legal advice at (02) 8084 2764. today.




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