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Type of Lawyer & Conveyancer Services we attend to

1) I am currently requesting a quote for my uncle who is charged with sexual assault. He is already out on bail and we request a quote for legal representation for        the hearing
   -GH, Sydney

2) Looking for legal advice following a relationship breakdown, 3 children.

   – Sydney

3) I have an all grounds appeal, I had  the all grounds hearing adjourned as I have no representation. I am seeking affordable, reliable criminal law solicitor to            run my all grounds appeal.
I have all the transcripts and Info on my case!


4) My partner and myself are considering entering into a prenuptial agreement.  Could you give me an idea of the likely costs? Here are some details.
We would like to keep it very simple: in case of separation 1) separate property and assets – that is anything not jointly owned – should stay separate, and 2) no      claim could be made to maintenance or support by one party. I have children all mature from a previous marriage; my partner has none and we will not have          children. I will soon retire and will have pensions; my partner is financially independent and has a stable and well paid job.
Can two lawyers of your firm provide the necessary separate legal advice?


5) Hi I am sorry to bother you. I need assistance. I am trying to organise enduring power of attorney and enduring guardianship for my mother. She is unable to       travel. she is hospitalized at the moment but will hopefully go home however her health is deteriorating.
I need some direction on how to organise these things for her so we can maintain her lifestyle for her. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

   – Sydney

6) I’m looking to buy a property (apartment) can you please provide a quote for the legal work?
Do you offer fixed fees?


7) I am seeking legal advice on leaving my abusive partner of 23 years my responsibilities and my rights to financial division. Thank you


8) Hi,Today I had a court hearing for an avo against my two neighbours on both sides I got asked mediation but they didn’t agree and went and took avo application against me by both parties on the 17 of November I have a court date coming up I need a solicitor to represent me because these people have been harassing threatening me and my children for over 1 year now they are backing up each other’s story even though they are lying .
Could you please let me know how much would it cost the papers for the mention must be picked up on the 27thnof this month at Waverley


9) Desperately in need of someone to speak to my son who is working in Sydney and needs some advice on a situation in Indonesia.   Please please call me and I set up an appointment so he can relay his situation as people are saying he will be extradited and serve prison time…I really am desperate because I’m in the uk and he is in Sydney.  I need to find out he stands.
Please please contact me ASAP if this is not something you can help with and I will look for another lawyer.


10)  Need assistance in court for an assault charge hearing is on 28th of this month at Parramatta local


11) Easement Enquiry for my development which has been submitted for DA approval.
Council has given me permission to relocate a private drainage pipe (“Inter-Allotment Drainage”) to the rear of the property.

Basically Councils  position is:

–       Relocation of the easement is fine in theory;
–       Council are now asking the question, are we changing the current rights associated with the easement for upstream properties- i.e. moving it?

I need legal advise as this seems excessive to me as if we retain the ability to drain as the end outcome- albeit in a different spot.

Bankstown Council,  I don’t think they want to hold us up- they just want us to show why its okay. Can your firm help?


12) Have been charged with Drug Driving with the presence of THC and meth in my system, first offence, I hadn’t had anything the day before the test nor did I have meth deliberately, court date isNovember 24th at Lithgow, would like it to be adjourned to Sydney, and aim for section 10


13) I am the natural son of the late Maria Gonzalez, I am contacting you to ascertain whether you have a copy of my late mother’s will. If so, would you please send me a copy? If you are holding a copy of my mother’s will, please contact me on my email address, and let me know what additional information I may need to provide in order to properly identify myself to you.


14) Enquiry about Cyber Bullying and Cyber Stalking


15) I want to enquire that If I am on 485 visa (dependent) and my marriage took place overseas, can I still file for divorce here?


16) I’d would like to get a consultation on local court hearing of illicit drug possession charges.What’d be your initial consultation fee?
Also could you please give me approximate quote for representing me in local court (should be relatively simple case, small amount, guilty plea, section 10)? Actually myself and my spouse are under the same charges, we have the same court hearing date. Both going to plea of guilty. Would it be possible for you to represent both of us?

Western Sydney

17) Hi could you please give a quote ASAP? We are buying a residential unit priced at $950K. if we agree on the price, we’d like to come and meet you in the office this morning.
Thank you.


18)I left a message for someone to contact me regarding the purchase and sale of a property in Macquarie Links.  The estate is a community title and strata.
We need to appoint a solicitor tomorrow afternoon, and would appreciate a quote


19) I live in Sydney I am a truck driver I have my own truck I drive interstate  I was on good behaviour in 2015 I got my point back and I left overseas for 7 weeks I came back I saw speeding fine in my name I paid it and after I received letter from the rta that I’m loosing my license for 8 month so I called the rtA and I explained that not I coped the fine they say deal with the fine and you will get the suspension  lifted and took me 2 months to get the paperwork ready and I finally got to fine lifted I went to RTA they said we got the fine off
But you got one more fine in Victoria not wearing the seatbelt in truck so you still not getting your license back  but in the mean time I lost my 28 days chance for appeal I have been 4 month off the road
I am loosing my truck and my job please if you could help me to get it back or just get special request to drive from home to work from work to home thank you


20) I have been charged with mid range DUI 0.115 second offence in 3 years (other was hi range) I drove to the local bottle shop (1 Kilometre) to get a bottle before I was over the limit I thought and was pulled up as a previous offender and blew .115 I had my first drink in 4 months as I decided to give alcohol away in June this year but had an altercation with someone that left me very shaken and had a hit of whisky to calm myself . I am 68 years of age and been a professional driver for much of my life Taxi, Bus, Truck , Driving instructor.and have not had a conviction til the DUI 3 years ago. Please advise


21) I would like to see someone in regards to a debt owed to me for $5000.
It is a little complex as it has something to do with tenants in common.


22) I am wanting to create a Last Will & Testament for myself and wondering what the cost would be approximately to do so through your firm.
I have assets, but no husband or de facto, nor dependents at this stage, but do have significant health issues so want to be as prepared as I possibly can be for the future.


23) I am a Fiji citizen and live and work in Fiji. However currently I am in the process of getting my admission done with the NSW Supreme Court. All my assessments have been done and I have been exempted from all legal training requirements but need to do 3 units before I can get fully admitted there. The conditional admission will allow me to work and practice there but need to complete my 3 units. Therefore I am contacting your firm to enquire on any vacancies and would appreciate if I am considered for it. It is mainly to enhance my knowledge of Australian legal practice before I get fully admitted in Australia. At the same time it will allow me to complete my 3 units there.


24) Would like to understand how much it cost to set up a Will for my wife and myself.

Northern Suburbs

25) I am looking for an attorney to help my brother get back into the country.  He moved to Australia from the US in April 2008, soon after he got a drink driving charge,  and again in January 2009. The officers told him he would be serving jail time,  so before his court appearance he just went back to America.  He has been away for 8 plus years now and is desperate for the ability to come visit us.

Would your agency be interested in helping us,  and what fees we could be looking at for the service?


26) I would like to receive a quotation for the preparation of a 2 by 2 year commercial lease for an office space to be used for an interior design business, please.


27) Do your lawyers do appeals for working with children checks as my was revoked on the 21st December and i have 28days to appeal for it.


28) Hi, I am in the U.S. And I married an with Australian whom I am seeking an Annulment or divorce. I married in 2010, after which he confessed to me in writing his having molested his step-daughter years before we were married or met. I contacted his step child and she describes rape with inanimate objects and near penetration w his penis. I would like to know how to bring him to justice or to at the least have him register as a set offender. He assaulted me in the U.S. Which resulted in two back surgeries. He is an Aussie citizen but had been staying in the Cook Islands since August 2015. Can you help me. I have documents to prove all I am saying. Thank you

United States

29) I am wishing to put a offer down on a property purchase and will need a solicitor for purchase conveyancing. I was looking for a quote and want to know a bit more about the process of going through with conveyancing.


30) Hi Please advise costs to prepare a will and enduring power of attorney for me and my wife. We have 2 children and the documents are simple.


31) I wish to talk to your HR department about employment as a solicitor in Sydney.
I have 10 years PAE mostly in crime and family (children’s matters) and have been a sole practitioner since 2010
My experience includes Local and District Court sentencing, hearings and trials.
I have undergraduate degrees in Politics and Law and a Masters Degree in Journalism. I am currently enrolled in a Master of Criminal Practice with the University of Wollongong


32) Hi, I have just recently built a duplex and will be selling one.  I have been advised by my real estate agent I need to have a conveyance due the contract before a sale can be set up. If you could please let me know what your fees and services are for this to be drawn up for me.


33) Interested in the fixed conveyancing fee of $750, what info do you require ?


34) We are the managing agents for precinct association. We are in the process of completing an audit of compliance bonds and note that we have not received an authorization to transfer the bonds. Are you able to supply me with a letter authorising us to do this so we can update our records?Please be advised that this matter is urgent.

Centennial Parklands

35) Can you please provide a conveyancing quote to sell my unit


36) How much is the cost of the lawyers fees for divorce cases?


37) I am currently seeking some advice on whether it is possible to move onto a partner visa and the costs involved?
I am currently on a sponsored 457 visa through my company that expires in September 2019 but I was looking to move onto my girlfriends visa as she has PR however we expect her citizenship to come through in the next couple of months if that makes any difference?

Western Sydney

38) Hi.I had a hearing in the downing centre court on the 9 th of January 2017 for my traffic offence of driving on a spended licence. I was given a fine and a driving license to be suspended for 1 year. I have paid the fine. I cannot make a appeal straight away as I had a lot of work and personal commitment  and I am going abroad to visit my grandmother who’s ill today for a month returning on 4 the of march. Can I make an appeal against my driving licence suspension period when I get back? Please advice elsewise too. Please contact me on my email.


39) Looking for advice regarding an offence of deemed supply of a prohibited drug. Was arrested saturday 28th january at electric gardens festival. Was caught with 9 capsules of mdma. Currently on a 12 month working visa.

Centennial Parklands

40) I write to seek your guidance and advice if Platinum provides services in assisting to purchase crown land.
I would like to commence the process to acquire a parcel of unused crown land which is situated next to a property we currently own. We have obtained a title search and a map of the land in question which I can pass on if needed in due course as to determine the best course of action to proceed.
Could you please kindly confirm if you are able to assist in this matter? If so, it would be appreciated if you are able to provide a statement of fees?
If you require any further details as to assess the matter please do not hesitate contact me. I look forward to your good reply.


41)  Would you be able to assist with reviewing contracts for a house and land package? Could you kindly advise your costs for reviewing same? The house and land is being sold separately i.e. by way of split contracts, so I am looking for a firm that has previously dealt with these type of arrangements and is able to advise on off-the-plan and building contracts.

North Sydney

42) I am hoping to see someone as soon as possible regarding my mum selling her property and divorce.

Could you please give me a call or shoot me an email at your earliest convenience


43) Putting tab bets without money…got the okay from staff which I thought I’d won..did not..I now owe three/four venues around $15000

St George

44) I am currently looking for a solicitor/conveyancer that can assist with a potential property purchase.

Therefore, I was wondering what the relevant fees are that your firm would charge with regards to this including:

* Fixed costs
* Any other variable costs


45) My wife and I would like to have our wills updated. They will essentially be the exact same documents, and we have an existing set of documents in place, which provide what I expect are all of the key pieces of information for preparation. I would like to understand the expected fees for preparation.


46) I’m currently looking at purchasing an investment property at  Potts Point.
Around this time last year, I dealt with your office when dealing with another property purchase.
I currently have a copy of the contract and strata report for the property, and was just looking for assistance with going over these documents and the potential conveyancing / purchase.

Potts Point

47) Looking for a solicitor who can help me with Conveyancing.


48) We wish to sell our apartment at Potts Point in Sydney.

Potts Point

49) Both my girlfriend and myself got caught at a festival with In possession of a small amount of mdma. Looking for some legal advice.

Western Sydney

50) I put on an APVO to protect myself. The hearing on the court is March 2017. If it is possible, would you please help? Thanks.


51) Caught driving unlicensed and have court appearance in March.


52) MY father got a AVO since he was abusing my neighbor in Chinese. However, the start reason was because the guy who tried to Malicious provocative, my father was bit drunk, so he did curse the guy and he got recorded by the guy.
I do not want to get my father plea to guilty, I wonder can you help?


53) I need to prepare a binding financial agreement between me and my wife. We have been married for 2 months, but I purchased my property before we were married ( approx 4 years) we have agreed that the property belongs to me and we would like that to be drafted into a prenup/ postnup agreement. I would like to receive a quotation from you, thank you

Blue Mountains

54) I would like to get your fix fee of cost to sell my property

East Gardens

55) I am looking to buy a property & would like to get in touch with a solicitor for my contracts. Please let me know about the cost to review them.


56) I am booked for offence driving with disqualified licence. Please help.


57) Initial consultation for advice.


58) Hi, I am co-buying an off the plan unit in Melbourne CBD requiring conveyancing and co-purchase agreement.


59) Looking for Conveyancing services for property purchase


60) I was involved in a single vehicle accident  I was told by my insurance company that I’m at fault and entitled to nothing, however I was told by a friend that I should get a lawyer because I’m really not at fault and I should be entitled to an appraisal at least and they shouldn’t have made me give a statement while I still have my brain injury from the accident. I’d really appreciate any help or advice I can get.


61) i am enquiring    on behalf of my sister . she had an ear operation and can’t  hear properly that is why I am doing this for her. she was charged with high range  drink driving . i am just wondering if it is necessary for us to write a letter of appeal if we are planning to  get a solicitors advice.We are  given 28 days to appeal.She was so stressed  out that night at work and her upcoming ear  operation  . I am not  making any excuses for what she has done but  she is getting nightmares about the incident.. She does not have any records at all and this is her first offence. it was just a very poor misjudgement on her part.
. Your advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


62) Please provide quote for Sale Conveyance of residential property (house). Thank you


63) I live in the USA. I had an uncle who recently passed away in Sydney, Australia. He never had a will. I have a few other uncles living in Sydney. We want to make sure that my mother gets her fair share from the sale of the house and the two pieces of land in Sydney. The house is valued at almost 3 million Australian dollars. Please let me know if you can help in this case.


64) My de facto partner and I would like to set up a prenuptial agreement and would like to know the cost for this. If you could give us a quote that would be great.

Palms Beach

65) Hi, I would like to know if I qualify for the $750 conveyancing service. I’m looking at purchasing a free standing house in Parramatta on mortgage.


66) My wife has been accused of theft. We would like to book a free initial consultation to discuss the matter.


67) I have a court hearing . Charges are trespassing and intimidation I have pleaded not guilty and would like to know about representation if available and cost thank you.


68) I have police AVO put against me by my wife (no physical violence, just she alleged she feel intimidated/threatened) and final hearing is in May . I would like to know if you are willing to do the case and your charges


69) Drink driving. A very first offence. Mid-range.

Victoria Park

70) Hi i have an enquiry about the divorce
I like to apply for it but i lost my marriage certificate and
Is anything do i have to prepare if i apply for myself because
I never contact my ex husband
And how much will cost


71) Can you advise your conveyancing fees for a property purchase in Sydney ?


72) Charged with low range PCA .054 and driver not wearing seatbelt, first offence, did not think I was over the limit and only drove 200 m from home to shops, would section 10 apply here


73) I need legal advise for sale of property with power of attorney and disposal of of funds from the sale property is in three names my mother aged 95 now in a nursing home and my sister and my self I want to know if the property is sold  can my sister who has the poa take mums share after she has paid all of her outstanding bills.


74) I am being pursued for a debt recovery from CMC lawyers for 2 CTP MVA matter/s, Need somebody to represent me or help with the matter, STC in June/July sometime, Please contact me, thank you.


75) Hope this reaches you well. If someone could please contact me regarding a high range charge. Court is set in Bathurst. I have a lot of questions as i’ve never been in this situation before so i want to know what my options are.


76) Inquiring about my chances of getting section 10 for mid range drink driving.

Millers Point

77) We need the services of your firm in the area of debts recovery from companies that are owing us, located in Australia. Do your office offer these services?

Central Hong Kong

78) Hello, I sent a potential job to Milton Bray a month ago about a transfer of title for a property in QLD. Has he left the business?

St George

79) I would like to talk to a lawyer regarding my new relation for financial agreement and others if any


80)  I need your help in filling divorce. I got married in 2010 and Seperated since Feb 2011. Marriage is registered in Australia and have marriage certificate as well . I am Indian citizen and she is Australian citizen by birth . she went back to Australia from India on 2011 and she applied for annulment.  which is refused by court but she misguided me by saying that annulment have been approved. she is in relationship with another guy in 2011 and have 2 kids now she is refusing to sign divorce papers, can i file a divorce from overseas and please tell me about your fees structure. I have a my first cousin who lives in Sydney.


81) Hi possibly my wife wants a divorce and I need to know my property rights, thanks


82) Hi I have found a property I would like to put an offer on and need help as to my next steps.


83) Hi, I have been charged with Common Assault DV and I will be pleading not guilty. The alleged victim was my house mate and she has made up these allegations to have me leave the unit I shared with her. We had agreed a months notice the day previously but she wanted me to leave immediately.


84)  Greetings of the day!!!.We are a real estate company based at New Delhi,India.In year 2010 an investor from Australia of origin India has cheated us by use of his superannuation fund of Australia.We wish to take the legal advice regarding this so that we can lodge a legal case against him,if you feel comfortable in giving us legal advice we can share you detailed matter.kindly share your professional fees for advising.


85) In order to apply de facto, do I have to have a valid passport because my passport will be expired on 29th Nov 2017 and Im no longer able to renew my passport.


86) I’m just hoping to get some advice about my husbands compulsive gambling habit and having money stolen by him. Would really appreciate a free initial consultation.

Blue Mountains 

87) How long does it take to make a will and what is the cost to do this?

North Shore 

88) We have a case of a supplier failing to comply with the sales agreement.
Please advise if this is a case you can handle sir

Dawes Point

89) I live in an apartment in Manly not far from the beach and I was recently persuaded by the other owners in the apartment building to sell my apartment to a developer they were dealing with.
When this happened I had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and was undergoing an aggresive regiment of Chemotherapy.   The other building owners were aware of my situation, and they knew that I did not wish to sell at this time, but their pressure, the on going rounds of chemo treatments and doctor’s appointments eroded my resolve and I gave in and signed the agreement to sell. I will very soon have to go under the knife for a double mastectomy a procedure that is going to be painful and psychologically debilitating.  I feel the developers and the owners took advantage of my situation, to get me to sign.  I need to know what my rights are and if there is anyway you can help me. I have 3 children and I am unable to work because of my illness so my husband is the only bread earner in the family.   We do not wish to sell our apartment, and especially not now.  I have a long recovery path ahead of me and this is not what I want.


90) I need some legal help to see my son on a basis.

Oyster Bay

91) I am in the process of purchasing a small medical practice with 5 employees, wanting to get a quote in legal services associated with business purchase, in specific of the following:

1. Review and amendments of the contract
2. Negotiations
3. Review and advice on lease agreement
4. Settlement

Church Point

92) Hi, we made an offer on a unit in Westmead over the weekend so are looking for a rough price for conveyancing please. What sort of info do you need please? Cooling-off is 5days, settlement is 6 weeks.


93) I just signed the heads of agreement for a retail showroom and I am looking for a solicitor to liaise with the lessor’s solicitor.
Can you provide me a quote for this service?


94) Hi I would like to make an appointment to see a family  solicitor for property settlements/divorce do you offer free consultation if so I would like to make an appointment

Primary home
1 x investment property
No business
No company
No family trust

Inner West

95) I’m 25 years old and at the moment I’m overseas in my country, in Italy.
I would love to come back but I need to understand the better option for me.
I finished my diploma in early childhood education and care last December, during my studies I also worked (following the requirements of a student visa) in a childcare setting.
I hope you can help me with my case


96)  I am in need of representation. I am searching for a lawyer who is ready to take a case that will get media attention. I am a victim of wrongdoings by the Assaad brothers.
Hamad (dead hitman) Tarek  (currently in different court cases against him) and Wally Assad…robbed me September 2014..i sought help from lawyers back in 2015. Also, their financial statuses are published…Hamad Assad estate is with the NSW crimes commission and Tarek Assaad owns a wedding car hire company offering a Lamborghini…I have been living on the streets since they fraudulently took my money then tried to bury me so I wont take them to court..enough is enough I want to take back what is mine and take everything they own as stated in the original agreement papers.
Really looking forward to a resolution asap


97) I need to lease an office in Fairfield NSW, so I need a solicitor to go through the lease contract with me and if amendments necessary.

Fairfield NSW

98) I would like to drop (revoke) a police’ avo against my room mate. The 2nd hearing is scheduled for next week. I was informed by the police to give the evidence to the court as to why the AVO will need to be dropped.  Please advise .if you could assist me.


99) Regarding commercial and business law in finance and customer relations.


100) Requesting consult for potential theft charge – a rental company is threatening to press charges against me so I’d like legal advice as they claim to be lodging police report against me today. Email is best contact method for quickest response.

Inner West

101) I would like to know more about your fix fee conveyancing to buy a property and what this includes and what if any variable costs may arise. I am looking to purchase a property in the inner west as a first home buyer and having a contract date post 1 july in order to take advantage of the new stamp duty concessions.

Inner West 

102) Need info on solicitors for a first home buyer, probably looking to go to auction on a property.


103) Hi, I want to get advise for buying land in marsden park and go through the plan

Marsden park

104) I am looking to attend an auction on July 1. Could you please provide me with a quote for your services. Please send me an email if I miss your call.

Hills District 

105) Need legal representation for tomorrow only was served today


106) I would like to meet a Criminal Lawyer


107) Confirming my email address for the orders on  North Bondi

North Bondi

108) I am very interested in seeking employment as a conveyancing assistant at Platinum Lawyers.
I would love the chance to send through my cover letter and resume for your consideration.

Western Sydney

109) Interested to talk to someone about Family Law and BFA’s


110) I’m after a solicitor’s certificate. I’m currently applying for a home loan and acting as a guarantor. The bank requires me to have had legal advice on this. Please let me know if this is a service you offer and the associated fees.

Shanes Park

111) Can you please provide me with a breakdown of all the costs you may charge during the purchase of a property


112) Hi, I would like to book a consultation with someone who can provide me with advice on separating with my husband and where I stand legally (children are involved). Preferably in the Penrith region.


113) Hello… I have been fighting the department of child safety for committing perjury in order to influence first a children’s court then a family court decision. I wish to take DOCS to court for unlawfully removing my child from my care and falsifying court reports and committing perjury. I know your firm is based down in Sydney and you may not wish to take on a case like this. I was hopeful you may have a partner firm or a firm that you would recommend in a matter like this. I’m really stuck trying to find a good lawyer that has no problems taking on the Government! 🙁


114) You recently managed the purchase of our home and we’d like to get a will drawn up. Can you let us know how to get started, what information you need etc. Many thanks.

Hoxton Park

115) Hi I want a free consultation. How can I book an appointment?


116) I am seeking advise on a financial fraud matter. platinum lawyers


117) Hi we are in the process of accepting new commercial lease on a property and require the assistance of a solicitor. Could you please advise of your services.

Seven Hills

118) I am looking for consultation in regards to  a commercial dispute.

119) I am in the process of purchasing a poperty in Lithgow for $325,000. I have a pre-approved loan from Qudos Bank and am currently awaiting on the details of the owners’ solicitors. Could you please give me an idea of what my costs would be.

120) I was with my ex partner for 2years and had a child in that time,i moved into his house and then he kicked me out and now i want half of the house.i was wondering if yous can help me with that and how much would it cost?thank you.

121) I received a consent order and application for consent orders from my ex.  I’ve agreed in principle.  All forms have been filled out.  I just need someone to work through it for an hour to see if I’ve filled it out correctly.  Can you please quote.

122) We have found a property in Thirroul and its in a bit of a limbo with the council, I wanted to come in to explain their situation and see if we can come up with some sort of Legal Option such as Vendor Financing etc to make a deal.

123) Review and amend a deed of release that I have been asked to sign.

124) i would like a quote for your conveyancing services please. We are looking to purchase properties in the eastern suburbs between $1.4-$1.6m

125) I’m  a first home buyer and looking to get into the market. I’d like to get some legal advice in this area.

126) I have a civil matter where I am the defendant. I need a lawyer to represent me on the 12th of December. What is the cost or process?

127) I would like a quote to get property transfer from my name to my parents name.

128) Hey just like to enquire about my position as a single father

129) I would like to enquire about your fixed fee for Conveyancing? I am based in Sydney and looking at a potential property (house) to purchase in Tamworth, NSW later in the week. All going well, I will make an offer and would like to make sure I have the legal side in place, so things can proceed.
I look forward to hearing from you about your fees.

130) I am wanting to hire the services of a conveyancer for my first home purchase. I am looking at a handful of conveyancers and comparing. I would like to appoint on asap as I am close to purchasing a property and would like to have the contact of sale for a porperty reviews. Could you please tell me your rates and all charges? Thank you for your time.

131) I’m subletting my shop. Tenant has been secured and approved by landlord.

132) I have separated from my de facto partner and we have 2 children and a house together, I’m looking to move out and arrange a binding financial agreement that allows her to stay in the house until they are both finished University (15 year?) then split the property with me paying the mortgage until then, with clauses for if she meets someone or my financial situation changes etc.

133) My wife and I have prepared a financial agreement and are looking for two separate lawyers for review/consult and signing the Binding Financial Agreement to make it legal. It is included one property, superannuation and maintenance (no children is involved).

Can you please let me know if you provide this service and if you provide, how many hours roughly will it take to be reviewed/consulted and how much do you charge per hour? As I’m very busy during the day and hardly can answer the phone, I’ll be appreciated if you send me the respond via email.
134) I need legal advice on a charge for common assault – Victim is ex boyfriend. Hearing at Katoomba Local Court on 20th November. Interviewed by police when intoxicated at time of arrest on the 5th November. I am remorseful. Don’t know whether to plead guilty or not due to paperwork. Have denied partial allegations.
135) I would like a quote on conveyancing work required for purchase of home and land package at Riverstone 2765. Can you advise how much will additional disbursements cost? What is the turn around time when documents are provided for review?
136) Query regarding family dispute over a property and ownership
137) I would like to book an appointment ion regards to the transaction of buying 25% of my family home.
138) last night (10PM) my wife was driving my 4 year old boy and the dog along Starkey Street (Killarney Heights, NSW, 2087), and near the corner of Greystones Road, she tried to avoid hitting a cat but then hit a car parked by the side of the street. Police came and my wife tested to Mid-Range PCA (0.117). Court date has been set to 6/Dec/2017 – please advise if that is sufficient time to attain legal representation? She has no previous driving / legal offence at all.
139) I was wondering you could help me! I want to go for custody of my 3 kids..iv had issue’s with my exs.

140) I am seeking some legal help regarding $27,500 loan I gave to a person residing in Melbourne during the period from August to October 2017.

Can you please let me know the best time to call you.
141) My name is Lisa Lai and I was in a defacto relationship for 8 years which broke down early Dec 2015. I would like to discuss my options with your firm. Can you please contact me via email on I am currently living in the UK so hopefully we can find a way to communicate – please let me know what is suitable. Also I am anxious about the 2 year time period coming close so also hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

142) I am enquiring in regards to potentially setting up a caveat against a property I have financial interest for, however not on the title. In saying this, I am on the mortgage jointly.

Prior to the mortgage being set up, I put forward close to $35000 into a property with my fiancé and I am wanting to establish a caveat to secure that financial interest despite me not being on the land title. My fiancé is sole owner of the property, with the mortgage being in joint names.Could you please advise how much you charge at a base rate to draft and lodge a caveat in NSW? The property is located in Denham Court.

143) I am just wondering if you can help me with my enquiry, my partner was arrested for drug trafficking in Western Australia at Jandakot Airport in 2008. He was sentenced under state law but I have now been advised that he should have been charged and sentenced under federal law as the arrest was made on commenweath ground. Can you please tell me if this is correct? This would be greatly appreciated.
144) I would like to avail of your services to purchase a unit in Kogarah. How much are your fees?
145) I am Sandra Westfield, I have a buyer interested in our property(My husband and i). The property is a leasehold, we have agreed on a price. The property is in our joint names.  I would like to know the time frame for the process weeks? and what are your fees.  I am seeking for your service to act on our behalf for the sale of the said property by looking for a buyer to kick start the process.
146) I have left this approach too late. I am appearing at downing centre on Fri 1 dec for a mid range drink driving offence while routinely breathtested on sun 5 nov driving with my dog to get her food stocks from Peto. I had not had a drink since the night before and did not realize that alcohol can stay in one’s system so long. I cannot afford your fees for representation but would appreciate any phone or email advice prior to Friday. I am hoping for a Section 10 as I need my car to drive from Balmain to Narrabeen to sort through my mother’s house as she died 3 months ago…
147) I need to file for divorce and I need advice please call when possible.
148) Im currently in the process of purchasing a property and need a solisitor to assiste with contract review, etc.
149) Me and my husband have to go to the court on 5/12/2017 because of domestic violence and we will need a lawyer this day. Can we please arrange a meeting and then we could explain to you all the situation?
150) My Spouse has a buyer who is interested in purchasing out property. It is a leasehold and we have agreed on a price. Property is in our joint names. How long does it take to complete the whole process in your estimation (How many weeks?) and what are your fees like? please let me know, i might I need you to act on our behalf for the sale – getting in contact with buyer  to kick-start the process.
151) I am looking to buy a unit. Please could you provide a quote for contract review and conveyancing services along with the time frame. This is fairly urgent. Please reply by email only.
152) I need tr apply for more custody for my * years old twin boys.
153) I have spoken to Jimmy Singh in regards to my son whose parole has been revoked as he was supposed to go to rehab and he became sick on the day, he has a doctors certificate, he is on centerlink benefit ,would you be able to represent him if needed under legal aid??
154) I am looking for a lawyer to help me transfer the title of my fathers house into my name. I was wondering if this is a service you can provide. If so, could you also give me with a quote for this.
155) I needed advise with getting a $21,000 loan back from a friend I borrowed money in 2002 and who paid it back till end 2004 and then stopped. I have a loan statement signed by him and all the receipts he for the money he owes me. He lives in Central Coast, NSW and I am in Llandilo. I have been in contact with him since, as a friend, but no indication he is planning to start paying off the rest of the money. I see this as dishonesty offence.  I believe this man has received money (loans) from other females as well before I met him. I would like to discuss they ways to get this man honor his debts and prevent walking away with his loan.
156) My Husband has a buyer who is interested in purchasing our property. It is a leasehold and we have agreed on a price. Property is in our joint names. How long does it take to complete the whole process in your estimation (How many weeks?) and what are your fees like? please let me know, i might I need you to act on our behalf for the sale – getting in contact with buyer  to kick-start the process.
157) My enquiry is in regards to Tenancy dispute where my owner hasn’t refunded me any of my bond money. I had to break my lease agreement because of the repeat ignorance of the owner in regards of electricity meter, living condition etc. I can provide more information on call. Please assist.
158) I have a copy of the contract and am close to making an offer. Enquiring into cost of the process if accepted, inclusive of strata checks, and assistance in obtaining the stamp duty concessions and see the process through from start to finish.
159) I am paying my rent online every single week by Internet bank transfer but landlord says he didn’t receive in some weeks. Now we both are going in the court soon. My question is that do i need any lawyer to defend my case?
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