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Estate Disputes

At times, one may find themselves in a situation in which they feel they have been left out or perhaps cheated out of an estate. One may have devoted a lot of time and energy caring for a loved one only to find that they have been left out, or unfairly provided for in Will. Conversely, you may find yourself defending such a claim in a situation in which a loved one had every reason to leave a certain individual out of the Will.

If you feel as though you have been left out, or unfairly provided for it is important that you speak to one of our experienced solicitors as soon as possible. Strict time limits apply as an application must be filed within 12 months of the death of the deceased unless you are given leave by the court to apply out of time.

If you find yourself defending such a claim it is equally as important to contact our solicitors who will take reins and ensure to the best of their ability that the intentions of the deceased are respected.

Estate Disputes Sydney Parramatta

The following individuals are eligible to commence legal proceedings challenging a Will:

  1. Spouse;
  2. De-factor partner;
  3. Child;
  4. Dependant grandchild; and
  5. There are other relationships of dependency and close friendship which may qualify.

When it comes to domain dominance, there are considerable benefactors who have the rightful chances of claiming an estate as part of their inheritance. However, not all are lucky enough to be considered such. There are cases that see a spouse left out of the Will and someone else gains it, the children being left out or a loyal carer who has been working for the deceased for more than decades. There are also those cases that discern certain family members disputing over a property. We see questions arising the validity of a Will. These kind of cases are not unexceptional. If you are one of the unlucky ones, Platinum Lawyers will fight cases on your behalf.

Our solicitors, who are well advocated and trained in Estate Disputes, will act for you to warrant that you secure your legal claims. Since the cases we engage involve deceased individuals, it is important to keep in mind that such lawsuits are highly sensitive. You will require solicitors who are masters in this field of work. We can guarantee our lawyers will provide their best of abilities to enable you to successfully defend your ownership.

Who are eligible to initiate legal challenges in Estate Disputes?

Anyone who believes that they are legally associated with the said estate can challenge.

  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Siblings
  • De facto partner
  • Dependent grandchild
  • Close associates, loyal carer


A spouse, regardless of coming from a first, second or third marriage, has every right to claim a certain share of an estate, given they are not mentioned in a Will. A spouse, in fact, has higher chances of claiming legal rights, besides the child(ren) of the deceased. Our lawyers will aid you as best as they can, assuring you your rights.


Often, Platinum Lawyers obtain cases where children are disputing over an estate. It can be such that they are from another spouse/ partner, or thefavoritee child gets a major share. If you are the victim of such case, our experienced advocates will work with you in order to bring you your legal claim.


A deceased may have one or more siblings who can claim their share of the property as they may be the next of kin. However, the Will states the estate belongs to some other person, whom the siblings may find legally challenging. Platinum Lawyers will abet such illegal claims.

De Facto Partner

Platinum Lawyers respect all natures of relationship, including De Factor partner, where the couple can belong to the opposite sex or same sex. If a partner feels that they are being refrained from legal rights to any estate related experience, our lawyers are more than welcomed to help them out. Of course, we will acquire specific information that will help us in formulating a legal case.

Dependent Grandchild

A dependent grandchild can be living with the deceased over half the year, while the deceased bearing all the cost of the grandchild. If such a situation arises when the dependent grandchild believes they are unfairly not getting any estate provision, they can hire our lawyers. We will scrutinize on every possible aspects and get your legal rights straight.

Close Associates, Loyal Carer

If a close associate feels that they qualify to fight for a legal case that involves an estate, can easily ask our efficient lawyers’ aid. This also applies to loyal carers, who may have been working for the deceased for more than decades and believes in a fair share. Our lawyers will assist you in every possible manner to win you the case.

Allow our proficient attorneys to assist you in estate disputes

Platinum Lawyers are very professional and maintaining such, we are strict regarding timings. You should file a case within a year of the deceased’s death, unless you are given special court orders. Our experienced lawyers will assist you to their very best.

For any Will, Probate and Estate Dispute matter, contact Platinum Lawyers Sydney (NSW) Pty Ltd today on (02) 8084 2764.

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