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Divorce Lawyers Sydney

Divorce is never easy. An end of a marriage can be traumatic and stressful. If you are contemplating getting divorced, know that you are not alone. Having the Best Divorce Lawyer in Sydney by your side, providing you with advice and guidance to help you make the right choices and decisions, can make the process a little easier to handle. Platinum Lawyers are expert Divorce Lawyers who can help you navigate your divorce and ensure you get the best outcome possible. 

When you are navigating your way through a Divorce, it can be an uncertain time. Questions commonly asked by our clients is how the money will I have? Where will I live? How will the kids spend their time? What happens to my assets?

Even when you are on good terms with your ex-spouse, the process is usually challenging. That is why Platinum Lawyers are experts in Divorce settlements. Platinum Lawyers have an abundance amount of experience in dealing with all types of divorces, whether it is a straightforward divorce or a complex split we are there to direct our clients with reaching the best outcome possible. 

Platinum Lawyers are there for your emotional and financial needs as we ensure that our clients are treated with priority. We have a great amount of skill in this area of law and apply our experience, empathy, and drive to achieve the best viable outcome for clients, as well as ensuring that costs are minimised.

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Experienced Divorce Lawyers

How to Choose the Best Divorce Lawyer in Sydney? 

Choosing the right Divorce Lawyer can make a world of difference to how your divorce proceedings go. To ensure you make the right choice, look out for these factors when choosing your Divorce Lawyer: 

  • Experience in Divorce and Family Law

The first thing to look for is if they are specialised in family law. This is especially important when there are kids involved. You need an experienced Divorce and Family Lawyer who will have your best interests at heart. So, don’t settle for just any lawyer. Take your time and do your research to ensure your Divorce Lawyer has the experience and expertise to provide you with the specialised service that you need. 

  • Honest and Straightforward Approach 

The next thing to look for is how open and honest they are. You do not want a Divorce Lawyer who overpromises and under-delivers. Instead, someone that’s straightforward and honest about the possible outcomes will help you understand the situation and keep your expectations realistic. Platinum Lawyers will be happy to have an initial consultation to discuss your case. We will outline our plan of action and help you understand your rights and answer all your questions so you can make an informed decision about going forward. 

  •  Broader Knowledge 

Family law requires knowledge in other areas of law as well such as business, wills, estate etc. So, when hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Sydney, make sure they have knowledge and understanding of all those other areas of law in addition to family law. At Platinum Lawyers, our lawyers are highly experienced and have extensive knowledge in all the fields mentioned above. 


Can I Apply for A Divorce? 

In Australia, you can apply for a divorce on your own or jointly with your former spouse. You must meet one of the following criteria to be eligible to apply for divorce in Australia

  • Regard Australia as your home and intend to live in Australia indefinitely.
  • Be an Australian citizen by birth, descent or grant of Australian citizenship.
  • Ordinarily live in Australia and have done so for the past 12 months prior to filing your Divorce Application.

In addition to this, the Court must be convinced that you and your former spouse have been separated for a minimum of 12 months, with no prospect of reconciliation. It is possible for you and your former spouse to be separated while living under the same roof. Brief periods of reconciliation may or may not affect the requisite 12-month separation period. For more information on this, please get in touch with Platinum Lawyers and we will be happy to sit down and discuss your case with you. 

What Is the Process to Apply for A Divorce in Australia?

The divorce process typically involves five steps:

1. 12-month Separation Period

One of the requisites set by the Court is that you need to prove that your marriage is definitely over and there is no possibility of a reconciliation. As mentioned earlier, this can be done by proving that you and your former spouse have been living separately for at least 12 months.
If the marriage term is less than two years, both parties may be required to undergo counselling to see if reconciliation is possible before applying for a divorce.

2. Filing the Divorce Application

Once the 12-month separation period is over, you can file for divorce.

3. Documents Served

Step three is where Court documents will be delivered or ‘served’ to the other party. Of course, service is not required if it’s a joint application.

4. Court Hearing

Step four is the Court hearing. Whether you need to attend the hearing or not will have to be determined on a case-by-case basis. For more information on this, please discuss with us.


Contact Platinum Lawyers – Experienced Divorce Lawyers in Sydney 

Divorce can take a toll on your mental and physical health. Many people who do not use legal representation are usually unaware of their entitlements during a divorce. People often settle for much less due to feeling defeated, unsure, or uncertain as to what rights they may have. Divorce also has a significant impact on children and by using our services you are continuously receiving the guidance, advice, and skills of an expert in family law. We ensure that all avenues are explored, to achieve the best possible solution.

Divorce can take a toll on your mental and physical health. Having an Experienced Divorce Lawyer guiding you through the process can help ease the worry and stress, giving you peace of mind. To discuss your divorce, get in touch with Platinum Lawyers on (02) 8084 2764

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    I have found Platinum Lawyers to be friendly, helpful, and effective in a number of different fields of law they have assisted me with. I make no hesitation in recommending them!

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    Corey C

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Platinum Lawyers for any future litigation matters. I found them to be very professional and their response and communication was always timely and efficient. Although the matter was unpleasant, the result and my experience was favourable. Regards

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    “Very competent and professional”.

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    BN 2009

    We feel Platinum Lawyers as a whole and as individuals have a great feel for the ‘customer’ and go out of the way to help.. excellent!”

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    SS 2011

    “I think that your firm has provided excellent service regarding settlement of my wife’s estate and my recent sale of a property and arranging the discharge of my mortgage. Your the best!”


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