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Commercial Leasing Lawyers

A Commercial or Retail Lease refers to a contract signed between two parties namely the landlord and tenant for the renting of a Commercial Property. When dealing with commercial leases, it is important to get the expert legal advice of a commercial leasing lawyer to fully understand the terms and conditions to avoid any discrepancies that might occur as a result of breach or misunderstanding of the contract. At Platinum Lawyers, we have an expert team of lawyers that offer their services to those landlords and tenants looking for someone to offer them professional and efficient advice about their commercial, industrial and retail leases.

We have acted for both landlords and tenants in commercial leasing and retail leasing compliant with the applicable Retail Leases Act, the Conveyancing Act and the Real Property Act. Our many years of experience in the field have made us familiar with the commercial matters to be addressed in commercial, industrial and retail leases. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we can assist you with your Commercial Leasing, Retail Leasing and Industrial Leasing matters with our expert team of lawyers and variety of commercial leasing services.

Once you come to us with your lease issue, we devise a workflow to follow based on the nature of the job. If you require us to draft a lease for you, we do extensive research into the legal process of drafting a lease depending on if it’s a Commercial, Retail or Industrial Lease. We make sure to keep you in the loop every step of the way by discussing the terms and conditions of the lease with you. If, however, you require us to review your lease we follow a slightly different workflow where we first thoroughly go through the lease document that you have brought in, do some research as always and then propose any changes for any discrepancies we notice in the document. We even offer to negotiate the new terms and changes with the other party and do the drafting of the new lease document.

At Platinum Lawyers we can help you with:

  • Drafting of Commercial, Industrial and Retail Leases
  • Reviewing of Commercial, Industrial and Retail Leases
  • Lease related dispute resolution
  • Guidance on the terms of the contract including rent, duration of lease, renewal and exit options
  • Negotiating the terms of the lease wherever necessary
  • Any sort of Breach of Lease Contract

Our long list of Commercial Leasing clients ranges from small shops and businesses to large offices located in various parts of the metropolitan city. We have also represented our clients in the manufacturing industry that rents out commercial properties for factories, and companies that rent out large spaces for warehouses. Each of these spaces, no matter how big or small requires a Commercial Lease and we have helped our esteemed clients with the drafting, reviewing and renewing of such leases.

Commercial Leasing Sydney

Our Commercial Leasing Lawyers have acted for Landlords and for Tenants in Commercial Leasing and Retail Leasing compliant with the applicable Retail Leases Act, the Conveyancing Act, and the Real Property Act. We are familiar with the Commercial matters to be addressed in Commercial Leases and Retail Leases. Whether you are a Landlord or a Tenant, we can assist you with your Commercial Leasing, Retail Leasing and Industrial Leasing matters.

If you require assistance with Conveyancing, Property or Leasing matters, please call our office and ask to speak to a Solicitor. Call on (02) 8084 2764 and get your questions answered with respect to any kind of legal issues that you may be facing regarding Commercial Leasing. Platinum Lawyers also welcome its clients to visit our offices at any time for further, in-depth discussions and meetings.

Call on (02) 8084 2764 for more information. 


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    I have found Platinum Lawyers to be friendly, helpful, and effective in a number of different fields of law they have assisted me with. I make no hesitation in recommending them!

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    Corey C

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Platinum Lawyers for any future litigation matters. I found them to be very professional and their response and communication was always timely and efficient. Although the matter was unpleasant, the result and my experience was favourable. Regards

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    “Very competent and professional”.

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    BN 2009

    We feel Platinum Lawyers as a whole and as individuals have a great feel for the ‘customer’ and go out of the way to help.. excellent!”

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    SS 2011

    “I think that your firm has provided excellent service regarding settlement of my wife’s estate and my recent sale of a property and arranging the discharge of my mortgage. Your the best!”


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