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How To Challenge A Drink Driving Charge In Sydney?

Drink Driving is a common offense that can lead to a criminal conviction, incurring a fine and even the disqualification of your driver’s license. It’s not an ideal situation and can have adverse effects on your work prospects. If you’ve been charged with drink driving you might think its game over, however, this is not necessarily the case. Platinum Lawyers in Sydney can determine if you have a case and are your best shot at defending yourself. Here are several ways experienced lawyers can assist in challenging a Drink Driving charge in Sydney.

Drink Driving

Contest The Reading

 Police will assess whether you are over the limit by using breath analysis machines to measure the amount of alcohol in your system at the time. They are generally spot on, however, there is always the possibility it was inaccurate. There could have been a delay between the Police pulling you over and you performing the breath analysis test. It may show you are over the limit, however, this doesn’t prove you were over whilst driving the vehicle. A lawyer experienced in this area of the law will be able to ascertain if it’s worth pursuing this argument.

Genuinely Honest Mistake

 If you have driven believing you were under the limit and there were circumstances that can back this up then you might be able to follow this line of defense. It’s not an easy case to make; however, it’s a possibility with a lawyer on your side. You might have had too much to drink the night before, slept it off, and then driven in the morning unknowingly being over the limit. There is also the argument that you thought you were under the limit due to only drinking one standard drink per hour. However, this is no longer recommended as it doesn’t take into consideration other factors that affect how long it takes for alcohol to break down. A lawyer will be able to assess the facts surrounding your case.

Home Safe and Sound

If you’ve driven home the Police can’t then ask you to do a breath test at home. If you didn’t know your rights and the test came up with a positive reading this could potentially be thrown out of court. There is a bit of grey area surrounding what classes as your home, for example, if you were stopped on your driveway. It’s best to have a lawyer analyse your case and put forward your best representation.

A Drink Driving charge can be defended in Sydney. It’s best to get a lawyer on board that specializes in this area so they can advocate your defense. There are a number of ways they can dispute the drink driving charge including challenging the reading. They could argue you made an honest mistake and if you were already home you may have a case. To find out if you can challenge your Drink Driving charge contact Platinum Lawyers for your best line of defense in Sydney.

Call Platinum Lawyers at (02) 8188 2310 to challenge your drink driving charge. 

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