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Have you been caught speeding?


There penalties are heavy when you are caught speeding in New South Wales.


The common question asked is what fine am I expected to pay if I am caught speeding?


At Platinum Lawyers, we have put together a table to explain this to potential clients that may be enquiring.

The fines start at a minimum and exceed to the maximum and involved license demerit points,

as well as possible driving suspension periods that can be imposed by the RMS.


We strive in our team of specialist in Traffic Law and our success rate of 99% of all cases that we take on.

Platinum Lawyers has helped over 500 overturn or reduce penalties that clients have faced for traffic offences over the last 5 years.

Speeding Fines


Speeding is the leading cause of death and injury on our roads in New South Wales.

Every year 740 people are killed whilst speeding and 20,500 people are injured (1,500 of them being very severe injuries).

Many people have lost their capacity to earn a living or to return to life the way they knew it because of speeding on our roads.


Thus, due to the clear link between accidents (many of them fatal) and speeding,

the Law does not look regard speeding offences kindly.


Speed Excess Demerit Points Light Vehicles (cars) Suspension Notice
Up to 10 km 1 $119 No license suspension
10km – 20km 3 $275 No license suspension
20 km -30km 4 $472 No license suspension
30km – 45km 5 $903 3 months (minimum)
Over 45 km 6 $2435 6 months (minimum)


Speeding in school zones


Australia takes its children, their education and their safety very seriously.

Fines for speeding offences committed in School Zones are higher than in any other zones.

Platinum Lawyers strongly advises its clients and potential clients to pay attention to the signs,

avoid using their mobile phones when driving (even if it happens to be on Bluetooth)

and to ‘slow down’ when approaching school zones and pedestrian crossings.



Speed Excess Demerit Points Light Vehicles (cars) Suspension Notice
Up to 10 km 2 $196 No license suspension
10km – 20km 4 $353 No license suspension
20 km – 30km 5 $588 No license suspension
30km – 45km 6 $1,139 3 months (minimum)
Over 45 km 7 $2,585 6 months (minimum)



What are your options if you’re caught speeding?


  1. Pay the fine
  2. Name the person driving your car – if it wasn’t you
  3. Request a review of the ticket that has been issued to you
  4. Instruct a lawyer and take the matter to court


Should you contest a speeding fine?


You should request legal advice before you decide to contest a speeding fine.

A good legal firm can make a big difference to the outcome of your speeding offence.

The solicitor handling your matter will readily challenge the matter in court if it is in your best interests to.

A good lawyer who is experienced in resolving speeding fines in New South Wales will question the accuracy of the police measurement instruments used to calculate your vehicle’s speed.

Your solicitor will also question the police department’s estimation of your vehicle’s speed due to the inaccuracy automated instruments have been known to show from time to time.


When can you contest a speeding fine?


You can contest a speeding fine that is imposed by the Roads and Maritime Services in NSW

or otherwise the police when you have reason to believe that you were travelling at a speed lower than what a police officer or a camera recorded.


Are you a victim of an inaccurate speed camera or police officer?


Whether you were detected by a speed camera or a police officer, either form of detection could have inaccurately recorded the speed at which you were travelling,

which then allows you to take your matter to court.

It is important to have a good lawyer that understands what the law will accept as a reason to overturn a fine and what will not be accepted.

Should you challenge your fine?


Many people receive a speeding fine and pay it without realising that after it has been paid you can no longer dispute it if you wish to.


We advise our clients to challenge a speeding ticket when it holds a heavy penalty and that you are at risk of losing your license, as well as your form of transport to and from work.

The purpose of challenging a speeding ticket is to try and lower the penalties that the officer or perhaps speed camera have now imposed on you, although, it is not to avoid them altogether.

A solicitor who understands the relevant avenues to take to assist with obtaining a minimum suspension and/or fine will be able to lead you in the right direction to rectify your circumstance.


With extensive experience in road traffic offences and success in 99% of all cases that we undertake,

Platinum Lawyers would be pleased to discuss your matter with you so that we can best assist you.


To speak to one of our experienced traffic lawyers, please call us on (02) 8084 2764

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